Where Have All The Children Gone? They’re on Lifetime!

So, there this is poem on my first spoken word album, 1 of 29, called “Where Have all the Children Gone.” This piece has been a favorite of mine off the record but I haven’t given it much thought until recently. Picture it…

There I am checking my email as I do on any given day when up pops a message from a producer with the Lifetime Channel (yes, the cable network). They ask if they can use “Where Have All the Children Gone,” for a show called Dance Moms. The producer then tells me that a choreographer uses this poem for a dance number – a children’s dance number. Of course, my initial reaction was, “I’m famous!” But then about 10 seconds later I thought, “What the hell?”

So, of course I granted permission to use the piece simply out of curiosity. Well, I’ll be damned if they don’t make a routine out a of poem that has no music, no beat, no anything  me reading a nice, quiet poem about children disappearing. And go figure, the dance routine is actually pretty interesting. You can watch the routine here:


Also, this may be a first: an ensamble inspired by one of my poems. This may be the first article of clothing that I’ve seen inspired by a poem (not just with the actual poem on a t-shirt). You can buy it here.


Also, upon searching through YouTube, I found a few other videos made for “Where Have All the Children Gone.” Check them out here:






Thanks to everyone for supporting this piece and for your enthusiasm. The universe is a funny a place.


3 Replies to “Where Have All The Children Gone? They’re on Lifetime!”

  1. Hello, Mr. Kerschbaum,

    There seems to be a debate raging online regarding the words to “Where Have All The Children Gone.” Please clarify, is it rooms filled with metal shelves or rooms filled with metal shells.

    To me, it sounds like shells.

    Thank you for the clarification.

  2. The video you attached of the performance from Dance Moms isn’t the full version. It doesn’t show the part where Maddie slits her wrists and I’m not sure if you can see the part where Mackenzie accidentally pushes Vivi-Anne off of the swing then runs away. Great poem, by the way!

  3. Dear Mr.Kerschbaum,
    I am a young teen film maker from Toronto (Canada), working in pre-production for a horror/thriller film. My team and I were wondering if we could have permission to use your poem, “Where Have all the Children Gone”, in our film. It will be submitted to the Toronto Indie Film Festival in June or July. The showings are in September. If you’d be willing to let us use it, that’d be greatly appreciated. If not, we totally understand. We would also give credit. Thanks,

    Ally Robbins

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