Where Have All The Children Gone? They’re on Lifetime!

So, there this is poem on my first spoken word album, 1 of 29, called “Where Have all the Children Gone.” This piece has been a favorite of mine off the record but I haven’t given it much thought until recently. Picture it…

There I am checking my email as I do on any given day when up pops a message from a producer with the Lifetime Channel (yes, the cable network). They ask if they can use “Where Have All the Children Gone,” for a show called Dance Moms. The producer then tells me that a choreographer uses this poem for a dance number – a children’s dance number. Of course, my initial reaction was, “I’m famous!” But then about 10 seconds later I thought, “What the hell?”

So, of course I granted permission to use the piece simply out of curiosity. Well, I’ll be damned if they don’t make a routine out a of poem that has no music, no beat, no anything  me reading a nice, quiet poem about children disappearing. And go figure, the dance routine is actually pretty interesting. You can watch the routine here:


Also, this may be a first: an ensamble inspired by one of my poems. This may be the first article of clothing that I’ve seen inspired by a poem (not just with the actual poem on a t-shirt). You can buy it here.


Also, upon searching through YouTube, I found a few other videos made for “Where Have All the Children Gone.” Check them out here:






Thanks to everyone for supporting this piece and for your enthusiasm. The universe is a funny a place.


Births and Re-Births

Well… This is a bit awkward… I haven’t posted in awhile… It’s not like I forgot about you… It’s not like you’re not important to me… It’s just things have been stressful-overwhelming-blissful-busy these last few months… Let’s go ahead and lean on a cliche, and let the picture have its 1,000 words…

Yep, my daughter Penelope Clementine Kerschbaum was born on 10/29/10. And yes, she is beautiful. Please excuse my absence from updating Thirsty Ocean, but I’m sure you understand. However, that’s not the only birth in my recent past (but it is the most important). I also gave birth this tome:

For those who don’t know, I have an alternative existence as Client Services Director for the most awesome Clix Marketing. Also, I’m an SEM author for a number of publications including Search Engine Watch, Website Magazine, and the Clix Marketing Blog. However, the most recent MAJOR undertaking was writing Pay-Per-Click Marketing: An Hour a Day for Wiley/Sybex. When I say tome, I mean 400+ pages. Yeah, it’s huge. I co-wrote the book with PPC God (and my neat-o boss, David Szetela). Wanna learn about my non-poetic endeavors? Check out the Wiley/Sybex website! For the PPC book, I’ll be doing more nation-wide speaking engagements, seminars, and webinars. Let the good times roll!

So, as you can see… It’s not that things haven’t been happening and there hasn’t been much to say here… There has been TOO MUCH happening to post…

NOW, on to the poetic adventures. There are ALWAYS projects in the works, but if you know me – I don’t like to talk about anything forthcoming until all of the details have been nailed down. Let’s just say there are numerous gears turning and soon the lumbering locomotion will begin to churn and move. 2011 is gonna be a great year! The first few gigs have been posted in the Readings/Gigs section of the site.

OK, that’s all for now. Just wanted let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you, Thirsy Ocean. Far from it.

I promise, more updates more frequently. And just to sum things up, here is another pic of Penny and my beautiful wife, Valerie:

Book Tour, Reservoir Dogwoods, and More!

Greetings. I hope spring is blooming beautifully for everyone. My spring is looking very busy! Oh, National Poetry Month… you’re like Christmas for poets… but you last 30 days! As usual, National Poetry Month is shaping up to be very busy. And it’s doubly crazy-joyful because Your Casual Survival (my new book) is being published in April. Now, it’s time to get the word out.

Tony Brewer and I are embarking on the Bottomless Cheetah Blood Tourette in April. We’ll be reading our way out to Plan B Press (my publisher). Here is the schedule:

Thurs 1 April
Zanzibar Brews
740 E. Long St.
Columbus, OH

Fri 2 April
The Soundry
316 Dominion Rd.
Vienna, VA

Sat 3 April
Wild Goose Creative
2491 Summit Street
Columbus, OH
7p – $5 cover

Also, the Reservoir Dogwoods are pulling together a string of readings that should rock the state of Indiana to its very limestone foundation.  You can keep up on all of the happenings on the Readings/Events tab of the website.

I have many other projects in the works… but those will be revealed later! Enjoy the new-found sunshine, rain, and blooming.

Welcome to Thirsty Ocean

Greetings. Well, I’ve finally launched a new website. I’ve been thinking about doing this for around two years. So, it’s about time. Here you’ll find everything you could want to know about my literary happenings. Plenty of publication and events updates. And the blog is going to serve as… well, whatever I want to serve as. It’s my damn site, I can’t do whatever I want.

That’s all for now. I think Thirsty Ocean is going to be a grand adventure.